Tuesday, June 18, 2013

this or something better

the funny thing about plans is that they are in constant flux, at least ours are, and the last few weeks are no exception.  as a couple, we are avid non-planners, and we love it this way.  we made our first plan in months, and decided we would leave june 1st on our highly anticipated cross country road-trip.  we have not left yet!  it is not as though we knew where we would go, we were just going to drive.  north or south, it didn't matter.  we will leave on this great adventure eventually, and each day we wake up and think..."maybe tomorrow."  we are very excited, and the anticipation has us awkwardly giggling like kids when we talk about it.  it will be an adventure, and that is what we crave.  when we were faced with the option of making a great deal of money in exchange for two and a half weeks of our summer, we pretended to be responsible and took the job.  it wasn't easy, and we have decided that life is more fun when you can choose the irresponsible option, haha.  however, we have learned a great deal from these last few weeks.  although we could have been in Canada, or maybe Mexico by now, we have learned that this is life.  this is what makes life beautiful and unpredictable.  life is not black and white.  it is not neatly planned, and to be honest, I don't want to live in a perfectly planned world.  many of the most beautiful moments in my life have been random and unplanned.  we may have altered our plans for the past two weeks, but each day that goes by something new and exciting develops, and our summer becomes richer and richer.  each day is filled with new ideas that send our parents into a panic and make it hard for us to sleep.  my mom keeps reminding me that in life, "it is this or something better."  i am learning what she means.  we can make plans, but if they fall by the wayside it is no big deal, there is something better out there waiting for us.  we are hoping to set sail tomorrow, but we will see.  we have set our heading towards the north.  (we had forgotten how hot it is in the summer when you travel any distance from the ocean!)  we are very excited to be photographing a wedding on the east coast in July, and so we will still have a few weeks to get lost before we put on our freshly pressed suits and act like professionals once again.

we have learned our lesson: no planning for us.  so stay tuned to see where we end up.  we have high expectations and we know we will not be let down.


somewhere "lost" in the backcountry of the sierra's last summer.  it ended in perfection.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


often times i see something really cool and catch myself thinking, "i need this." in reality, when i stop and think about what i really need i am grossly made aware of my abundance.  for the last few years i have lived one of my many dreams... living just two blocks from the ocean in a beautiful custom built home, (built by the sexiest builder ever), filled with my favorite furry friends.  i thought i would be sad to see it all go, but i am not.  i find it refreshing.  we decided to hold onto a few treasures that we deemed irreplaceable, but everything else went to fill someone else's home.  the day i began packing everything up, aaron told me to take photos of our house.  he said this way we can always look back and remember how lucky we were, and be reminded of all the amazing memories that were made within these walls.  i almost didn't, but i am glad that i did.  i loved where we lived, but i don't need it to be happy.  in fact, i have realized that i need very little to be happy.  

this was our home.  aaron built it with his two hands, and together with our dogs and cats we filled it with love.  these photos make me smile, but oddly enough, i don't miss it.  the photos at the very bottom are where we are living now--a bedroom at aaron's dad's house.  it is only for a short time before we will be downsizing again and fitting what we need into our little toyota yaris.  

we have all that we need: each other.  everything else will find a way to work itself out in one way or another. we are just going to enjoy the ride and be excited to see where we end up!


ezekiel approves, so i guess we are good to go!

Friday, June 14, 2013

im back....

the truth is that time flies-- after all, life is short so we better fill it with what we love, right?.  in my attempt to fit as much into every day as possible, the minutes used for documenting it fell by the wayside.   it seems so crazy to me that it has been over a year since i have even looked at my blog.  life has been busy to say the least, but it has been a "good" busy.  it has been filled with adventures, date nights, and brave new endeavors.  we leave in a few days to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, and i thought it was fitting to document it the best i can.  so i am dusting off the cobwebs and and making it happen.  this past year has been awesome.  and although i say it every year, it has been the best year of my life.  we backpacked and climbed peaks that looked unclimbable, camped for a total of 40+ nights, visited 15 states, grew our photography company, explored the southwest and the south east on road trips, took two trips to miami beach, decided to go back to school, applied to school, got excepted to school, and are now moving to washington dc.  so there you have it, the abridged version of the past year, and i assure you...it was a perfect kind of crazy.

cheers to new adventures!

you are now caught up on my life, haha!