Saturday, June 15, 2013


often times i see something really cool and catch myself thinking, "i need this." in reality, when i stop and think about what i really need i am grossly made aware of my abundance.  for the last few years i have lived one of my many dreams... living just two blocks from the ocean in a beautiful custom built home, (built by the sexiest builder ever), filled with my favorite furry friends.  i thought i would be sad to see it all go, but i am not.  i find it refreshing.  we decided to hold onto a few treasures that we deemed irreplaceable, but everything else went to fill someone else's home.  the day i began packing everything up, aaron told me to take photos of our house.  he said this way we can always look back and remember how lucky we were, and be reminded of all the amazing memories that were made within these walls.  i almost didn't, but i am glad that i did.  i loved where we lived, but i don't need it to be happy.  in fact, i have realized that i need very little to be happy.  

this was our home.  aaron built it with his two hands, and together with our dogs and cats we filled it with love.  these photos make me smile, but oddly enough, i don't miss it.  the photos at the very bottom are where we are living now--a bedroom at aaron's dad's house.  it is only for a short time before we will be downsizing again and fitting what we need into our little toyota yaris.  

we have all that we need: each other.  everything else will find a way to work itself out in one way or another. we are just going to enjoy the ride and be excited to see where we end up!


ezekiel approves, so i guess we are good to go!

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