Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We try to take both of our dogs on a walk at least two times a day, because they are "inside" dogs, and they need their chance to play outside, ( Or they go insane)!!  Tonight i took my camera on our evening stroll.
We take them on this little trail up this hill, which is right outside our back door.  It is so wonderful taking them up here, not only do you not have to have them on a leash EVER, but it is so peaceful, and its a great place to watch the sun set!  Also, i have never ran into another person up there, so you feel like you have the whole hill all to yourself.
Riley likes it for her own reasons, she trains rigorously for the day she will be a hunting dog, or maybe just a tracking dog.  She trains for both, there are plenty of squirrels, birds & raccoons to keep her entertained!
I LOVE the view.   All the way up you can see the ocean.  There are lots of trees that get in the way of an unobstructed view, but i enjoy that. The trees make it interesting, and always reminds me of a piece of artwork. 

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