Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good morning sunshine.  This is quite possibly one of my favorite things to hear when i wake up, (along with "I love you" of course).  This morning was quite the treat, Aaron took little Hailey to school and i got to stay home!  The sunshine was just bursting through the house, so i got my coffee and my doggies and we went outside.  The sun was a little deceiving because it was pretty chilly, but i had my coffee to keep me warm, (and the chasing after my beagle when she caught a sent).  I had my camera and thought to capture the things i could see in our front yard that really made me happy this morning.  So here they are, my happy thoughts!  Hopefully your morning was wonderful too!

The person that puts a smile on my face every morning!  I am so in LOVE with this man!!!

How could this not put a smile on your face?


Our baby girl, anxiously waiting to go outside.

"The age of Reason", great book!

Our little patio table

I love my little yellow rose

Our fierce guard dog, ha ha

I LOVE this red rocking chair!

Aaron has built flower boxes for the windows in the front of the house, those make me happy!

I love dishes in flowerbeds!!

Our garden!!  Yea, we have alot of sprouting veggies!

Green beans

I had a visitor, little miss puffy cheeks
I love flowers in buckets!

And Yes, even though i was happy i didn't have to take her to school this morning, she still brings smiles to my face!!

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it!!!! You and your husband look like so much fun...a lot of your pictures remind me of a lot of our pictures (activities, DOGS, etc.) :)

    I am now a follower! :)


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