Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pecan Pie...Yum!

Aaron's mom's house there are a few pecan trees, so this time every year we get the chance to have an abundance of fresh, right off the tree, pecans!!!  Aaron brought the first bunch home Tuesday, and yesterday he shelled them and I made a pie!  It was absolutely wonderful, (if i do say so myself), and the best part about it was that i followed a recipe for a more simple and natural version of the classic.  So with like five ingredients, none of which were corn syrup, the most delicious pie ever emerged!! 
Starting with the nuts straight off the tree...

All the shells are off...

Step three, put the pie together and bake it...

The finished product!  (We were so anxious to cut into it i forgot to take the photo first!)

You should give it a try sometime, soooo yummy!!


  1. Did you say no corn syrup? How's that? Auntie J

  2. I always think these look so good but I hate nuts in my desserts!

  3. yumyumyum! you should share the recipe!


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