Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Vacationing at HOME!!

Yep, we went on vacation this weekend, but we didn't go anywhere.  Nope, we just stayed home!  This was a treat for us, because we are always on the go.  We love being busy, especially when it is all fun stuff!!  But it felt so good to stay HOME! 

Meet Hailey...

She is one fun, and cute little kiddo!
 I have blogged about her before, one of my favorites is this one!
We get to take care of Hailey most of the weekdays,  but this week was special, we had her for Saturday morning too! We started the morning off by showing her how to juice her own orange juice.
 We had no idea how much fun this would be, she thought it was so cool.  And then all throughout breakfast she was saying, "this is the best orange juice ever, you have GOT to try it", she was soo cute!
And after we squeezed the oranges we had some YUMMY crepes!  We even made it extra special and used the "birdy plates"!  Yep it was a great time!

Here are some photos of us having fun...

Aaron showing her how it is done...

She really got the hang of it by this point.

She is one happy girl!!

She wanted to take some photos too, these were the two best ones!

Now time for some PAINTING!

After we were done painting little miss Hailey went home.  Aaron and I then started on our own adventures.

I will skip all silly and  crazy things that we call fun, and go straight to the highlight...

And yes, that is our cat sound asleep on the bed, and there is Ezekiel on his bed.  Both nights it was family snuggle time for sure, all of us were on this thing, ha ha!!

Yep, this awesome bed was there for two days until we finally took it down today!
There is just something about a stormy day and a cozy bed thrown together in the front room, that is irresistible!! 
Aaron and i NEVER water T.V. during daylight, but we did for a little while this weekend!  (However, we are so nerdy and absolutely LOVE documentaries, so that is what we watched, ha ha). And lets be serious, when you have a cool little lair like that one it is really hard to leave, ha ha!

When we usually make beds in the front room they are hidden by one of my all-time favorite things,  an awesome fort!  But our pansy German shepherd was not ok with that, (he is afraid of EVERYTHING), but we still love him! 
(And the bed was still cozy without the fort)!

You can't have movie time without fresh popcorn!!
One of the highlights of the weekend was definitely our hike in the rain, and i put these photos on yesterday from that hike.  I was kinda bummed at first because we had wanted to get drenched, and then it stopped raining right as we began hiking, but then after and hour or two the rain came, YEA!!
Hope you had a great weekend too!!!

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  1. oh my gosh this post is perfection. fresh orange juice, tasty breakfast, painting, popcorn... i feel like you just stole this out of my dreams. these photos are wonderful and you and your man are seriously the cutest thing alive! :)


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