Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Hunter...

So our cat is not a "normal" cat, she loves to play with our German Shepard and quite frankly has the upper hand alot of the time.  She lives up to her name and it is a daily ordeal to find birds, lizards, and gophers in the house that she brought in to "play with".   A few days ago we heard her usual meow at he front door and looked out expecting to find her latest catch.  But no, there she was, drenched from head to toe, looking awful!  From what we had read online Bengals like water, so we thought maybe she swam in the neighbors fountain or something like that.  We let her in and and checked her out, she was covered in salt water.  As it dried the white salt was left on her fur, and she stunk like the bay!!!  We live a few blocks from the bay, so she must have traveled far.  The funny thing was that she didn't seem upset at all about her swim and didn't act any different.  She ate, and then went straight to bed, and i swear this is how i found her, ha ha. 
You can even see the salt dried on her!

She looked SO bad!!!

I had just finished washing & drying the sheets, so the rest of the bed was not made yet. Which made it just light enough for her to crawl under.

When i woke her she just stretched and looked at me, ha ha!


  1. I love the first one of Hunter!! She looks like she's growling!

  2. She kinda was, she had just caght a lizard, (you can kinda see it), and whenever she does she makes these weird sounds, and this time i got it just right. Ha ha!


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