Monday, February 7, 2011

Super bowl sunday was a great day!  We woke up really early, had a quick breakfast and then took our dogs on a hike we have never been on.   It was WONDERFUL!  At eight in the morning is was already warm enough to wear a tank top & shorts.  We all had a great time and finished with a great lunch at costco:)  Because we were there so early in the day i was absolutely LOVING the way the sun was shining through the trees, and i just couldn't take enough photos of them. There is just something about trees that i love.  Here are some of the photos from that hike...

Aaron and I always have fun...
And as always, we end up with tons of photos of our dogs...


  1. Oh my gosh Aaron's hair is getting so long! I love photos looking at the sky through the trees, I think it's so cool! I have taken a bunch of the tree in our front yard haha.

  2. This is so pretty. I can't wait for warmer weather to arrive so that we can have pretty days like that as well!


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