Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today was AMAZING here in Morro Bay.  It was SO warm!  Even on the beach it wasn't cold at all, which makes for a wonderful time laying out on the sand.  The best part about the whole thing was i was with my best friend of 11 years!!  Yep, we met our freshman year and the rest is history!  I think what is so funny is that most people don't get to live with their best friend, and be married too.  We have lived together for the last four years, all of which Aaron and i have been married.  Beth and i had always planed on living together here, at her parents beach house, but when i got engaged those plans seemed futile.  Then right before we got married everything started falling into place, and a month later we were all happy housemates!  I hear people say it is never a good idea to live with your best friend, but for us it has been really great.  We have become the people that we are today together, and know each other better than sisters.  We had a fun new addition this past year when Beth married our other long-time high school friend, Josh.  Ten years ago i bet we never thought the four of us would be living together in Morro Bay, Married, but we are very thankful for these past few years.  We are one big family!


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  1. Hey you guys!!! Sooooo happy to see you post on my blog! Feeling very displaced today, so this is a real ray of sunshine for me to find your blog! Love, Auntie Janice


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