Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good Night

Tonight is a great night!
For starters, it was 97 degrees here at our house today!!
Our neighbor has a really high tech weather station thing that recorded that, its crazy!!  So basically i tried to get by wearing as little clothing as possible, which here in Morro Bay is pretty acceptable, ha ha!! But not so much at work in the salon:)

Anyways, it was still warm when i got home.  So warm in fact that we heated up the grill and hung out on the roof and looked at the stars, all in shorts and a tank top!
I had all the basics, my man, a cold beer, some good guacamole/chips, little bit of guitar, my doggies,and some yummy food!! 
I am one happy girl!

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  1. uuuuuhmazing.
    seriously jealous.
    everytime i read your blog.


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