Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Closed Road Fun

Yesterday Aaron and i were on our way to Costco when the road that we usally take was closed. 
We took the road anyway and when we got to where we needed to turn around we realized that it was so beautiful, and unlike the countless other times that we take this road.  It was empty, and so peaceful!

So we did what anyone would do, stoped the car in the middle of the road, and hung out for about an hour.
We always keep our camera with us  for times like these.  
So this is us, when given a camera and the wide open road!



  1. way to improvise - LOVE these photos, so fun so hoooooooot you two! hope that made sense. anyway. cute couple. love that polaroid. i have one too - but not near that big.

  2. Turri Road! :) I used to take that road all the time and would break out my 35 mm and take black and white shots. I have some really pretty ones of that windmill. Try driving down that road at night and turn your headlights off. It's impossible. Haha. Your pictures make me miss home, I can't wait to be back there this summer.

  3. Girl, these are so amazing. You guys are so adorable. Seriously. These looks they they should be in an Anthro magazine! Beautiful!

    I know I've followed you before! I'm not sure what happened. All of the sudden you disappeared from my reader! Fixing that now!

  4. seriously?? these are stunning!!!


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