Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Its about time for a garden update!!

Ok, i will just warn you now that i got a bit camera happy this morning when i came out to snap a few photos of our garden.  It was just such a beautiful morning that i couldn't help myself!!

I must say that this years garden is shaping up to be pretty awesome, and that is totally because of my hubs who makes sure things get water, ha ha.
We have really gotten into it this year, we have just about everything that will grow in our climate.  Another really cool thing about this years garden is that we are growing everything "heirloom", or just gmo free!!

Aaron is coming home with different varieties of old heirloom veggies that i haven't even heard of before, it is really fun!
In fact, our "garden area" has expanded to be just about ever free patch of dirt on our property,  (seriously)!!!  We have green beans or peas growing on almost all of the fence separating our yard from the neighbors, and aaron has built little boxes that go everywhere else.  It has been so rewarding to grow our own food!
For those of you that know Aaron and I this may come as a shock, but almost two months ago we stoped eating meat! Yep, i thought that it would be hard, but it really isn't.  We still eat it if we are at someones house, or something like that, but at home i have not cooked or eaten it in almost two months!!! 
I have had it in mind to write a post where i will give all our reasons for not eating meat, but i will save that for later.  But, needless to say, we are really looking forward to growing so much of our own veggies, because we eat SO MANY now!!!

Here are some of the photos i took this moring of some of the things we are growing all over our property!
Right now everything is still really small, but give it a little more time and we will have lots of yummy food!!

Hopefully this inspires you to go and plant your own garden....

First we plant the seeds in these little cups, or reused trays from the nursry.  

They are so tiny and fragile, and it is easy to keep them in a homemade "greenhouse", aka a big clear tub with lid.

Then, when they get bigger like some of these we plant them where they are going to be for the duration of their lives.

I had a bit too much fun taking photos of these little cups, but i just thought they were so cool.  And i LOVE our amunition box that is being used as a flowerbed right behind them!

Tools of the trade...

The carrots!
 The beets!
 The onions are doing great!
The potatos are now huge!  And they are only going to be getting bigger!!

 This is our "out-door" herbs, and they are still just little seedlings!
These are our "in-door" herbs!
Some of our little seedlings that are not started in our started box are kept under plastic.
More lettuce, but this is on the other side of the house....
Next to these.....

and these.
Here is another patch of green beans....
  and another patch!
Can you tell that we LOVE green beans!!
These green beans have really taken off, they were the first ones that we planted, and soon they will cover my sign!

Here is the garden that started it all, we very quickly grew out of this one!
And what is a garden without lots of pretty flowers!!!!!
And of course the adopted stray cat...
And you can't forget about the sexy gardener!
And to top it all off, the sound of the waves crashing and the salty air make for a great time working in the garden!!
Hope you all are having a great day!


  1. fantastic! i want a garden so bad - someday when i actually stay in one place with somewhere to do one, i shall!

  2. I would like to put in a photo order! The faucet pic and the two wheelbarrow pictures. All three 4x6. Just in case you don't know my e-mail it is portersinkansas@gmail.com. Let me know the cost.
    I think I see the "itsy-bitsy-spider"! Love, Janice


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