Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunshine & Sand

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day!!  I had my Honey Nut O's, my coffee, and then i took Hailey to school like i normally do, but being that the weather outside is wonderful i decided to take a detour before heading home.  There is just something about sitting on the beach alone, it is so peaceful!  Today was really warm, i was in shorts and not chilly at all!  I just spent a little while soaking it all in, with nobody there talking the waves are all you hear.  The beach is one of my favorite places to be, and i love that i can have the idea to go, and in three minutes be there!  Just thought i would share some snapshots for all of you who don't get to see the ocean this morning!  Hope your day is wonderful too!


  1. ashley!
    this is JUST the pick me i needed for today.
    i cannot wait to live in sunny california again. thanks so much for posting photos. i hope the rest of your day was great.


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