Monday, March 7, 2011

Mountain top adventures

So i have been thinking a lot lately about backpacking, and just longing to get up in the mountains, away from worry and stress, other people and buildings, and just enjoy natures raw beauty.  So being that i was missing our fun summer excursions i decided to take a peak at some of our old photos of trips we have taken in the past.  This gave me a great idea!  I thought it would be fun to post some photos of our trips!  I thought i would break it up into different posts for different kinds of trips.  For example, today's post is going to be photos that we have taking backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, (mostly).  This does not include camping trips, road trips, or trips by plane,  those i will leave for another day.  It was so much fun looking back at some of these photos, we were so young, and that was just a few years back, ha ha!  I hope you enjoy looking at these half as much as i am enjoying sharing them, and i hope that this encourages you to get out and explore natures wonderful beauty!  Have a great day:)

Dinky lakes wilderness
We spent three days here, with our dog Ezeikel.  We spent the first night at first dinky lake, and the next night at rock lake.  BEAUTIFUL

Death Valley
Mitchell peak, Kings Canyon National Park
Eagle Lake, Mineral King
Sequoia National Park, on our way to Pear lake for three days
On the watchtower

Pear Lake:)

Moose Lake
the tablelands, Sequia National Park

Seville Lake.  It snowed on us this trip! 

Well these are the photos that i found, they are all mixed up and in no order, (but they all take place between the last two & a half years).  If we can, someday we want to live up in the mountains for awhile, but for now we can hopefully make do with our weekend summer trips!  Now that we both have snowshoes we are going to try to get in an overnight snowshoe backpacking trip before all the snow melts, but we shall see!!


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  2. Photobucket is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I've seen some of these photos before but I absolutely LOVE seeing them again! So pretty!

  3. Love your photos! It's like going on a little mini vacation whenever I look at your blog!

  4. First of all...I'm glad to see your "ha, ha" after mentioning that you WERE so young. I laughed out loud! Even before seeing your ha, ha. Second, did you know that every year Kings' Canyon/Sequoia NP holds a photo contest to pick the picture that will go on it's annual pass the following year? I bet lots of National Parks do that. You could win with those gorgeous shots! And maybe they'd give you a free pass too! Third, Randy and I are planning a week long trip around the Ray Lakes' loop...hopefully this summer. Wanna come? Isn't it so great to have all this amazing natural beauty so close! Living in CA spoils me!

  5. so glad to have stumbled across your blog... you and your man are GORGEOUS together! i especially love those last three little pictures. so so pretty.

  6. so much natural beauty. i love your photos. it makes me miss California even more. I totally love the one of you fishing with the peace sign, such a 70s feel.
    have a great day.
    thanks for the comment love about the Toms.

  7. you guys look like an AWESOME couple! those are amazing photos! toooo cute. i am enjoying following your blog, now! :)


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