Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami in Morro Bay this morning, no big deal

Yep, the horribly devastating tsunami that hit Japan and other parts of the world did come this way, but just to give us a bit of excitement!  I feel horrible for all those who are suffering, or who have lost their lives in this disaster, it is just SO terrible!  However, here in Morro Bay we felt it just slightly.  But you know how it is in a small town, schools were all cancelled, places evacuated, and warnings were everywhere.  I know that those warnings were necessary because nobody could predict just how bad it could get.  However, here though that meant that pretty much everybody and anybody was out watching the water, or trying to find the perfect spot to watch the action.  I was lucky and got to go to work late, and so that meant that i had ALL morning to scope it out!  It all started at about seven when Aaron's mom called to warn us about it, that pretty much made us jump up and rush to the car to take a little hike to get a good view.  Well we were one of a ton of people out for a thrill, and it turned out to be nothing more than a beautiful hike and a fun time sitting in the sun.  Next, we ran home and grabbed our bikes and headed towards the water, it was a good choice.  We found almost all our neighbors there, it was a little party!  Anyways, we had a great morning.  For all of you who were hearing about it on the news, this is what our experience was like.  I can only wish that every one's was as fun as this! 

So in these photos it is really hard to tell what is going on, but basically the water in the bay rose between 8--9 feet according to the coast guard.  And it did this VERY fast, both coming in and going out.


  1. Did you hear in Santa Cruz the tsunami actually knocked over boats?! I guess between Crescent City & Santa Cruz Harbors it caused 17 million dollars in damages.

  2. After watching the pictures of Japan, you can be thankful for the small swell of water in your area! Love you guys! Janice

  3. Hey Ashley! I found your blog after doing a search for "tsunami waves in Morro Bay" on Google. MB is actually my hometown and where my mom is right now and since I'm far, far away in Germany at the moment, seeing this post on your blog kind of gave me a little peace knowing that the world didn't come to an end over there. And now I'm just addicted to your blog - your wonderful photos - and how much it makes me miss HOME. I'll be back in June, living in Morro Bay indefinitely and I'm so excited to get my own Canon DSLR because that town is so WORTHY of gorgeous photography. :) Keep it up, I'll be reading!



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