Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Fun

This weekend was another success!  It was a very fun and busy few days filled with more birthday cake, bonfires, lake time, (first time of the year, yea), and of course a hike!

Aaron's mom had a birthday party for both Aaron and his brother Andrew.  There birthdays are only about two weeks apart.  It was really fun, my family, as well as Angie's, came to help celebrate over a big bonfire!

The next day we took my father-in-law's house boat on the lake, and just enjoyed the sunshine with Aaron's brother Andrew and his wife Angie!
We tied up on the other side of the lake and went on a little hike where i discovered that i didn't like the presence of the grazing cattle, nor the crazy sounds of the crying bulls. 
But i am happy to say even though we got some evil looks, we did not get charged, ha ha ha!
And we had a really great time enjoying the green grass, flowers, and sunshine!

the cake
trick candles, ha ha
one of the birthday boys

Winston found a friend, my dad

Aaron and his mom!
both my mom's!!
the parents:)
Angie and I

Lake time!!

Hope your weekend was a success too!


  1. Beautiful! I love the way you capture life!

  2. such a lovely weekend. happy birthday to Aaron and his Brother

  3. Loved all the pictures! So fun to see pictures of your folks! Love, Janice

  4. love your pictures as usual! looks like a great time... you and aaron seem to have so much fun together! :)

  5. Happy birthday Aaron! Looks like you had a great time with the fam! Went out to visit Grandma all morning and she said she was so happy to have seen you two!

  6. so you guys are such a rad couple~ i love all these picts--looks like a fantastic weekend~


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