Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring is in the air!

It is so magical to see new life take root and sprout, and that is what we come out to find every morning in our quaint little garden.  There is such a simple and elegant peace in that no matter how hectic and confusing this modern world is, nature still functions the same way it has for ages.  The soil still has it magical powers, it is still alive and functioning like it should, which keeps us alive! 

 Aaron and i have been learning what a wonder dirt is, yep,  the dirt we walk on every day and continually abuse with our chemicals and destructive habits.  So we have decided to learn how to take care of and nurture our dirt, i mean, it is what is putting food on the table, its the least we can do, right?
There are many books out there on how to "give back", and take care of your dirt, and it really isn't that hard!  
I decided to include this in today's garden progress report, because it means a lot to us, and we are so thankful to have something as great as dirt to provide us with such amazing food!!  (Not to mention the beauty of the flowers)!
There was a lot of excitement going on in our yard yesterday, we planted some grass!  I have always wanted some, however, we didn't like the idea of watering it every day, (when we get our water piped in from who knows where).  But, we came up with a solution!!  About half a year ago we bought a hand pump, and put a HUGE container outside our shower window.  So all our shower water gets pumped into it and sits in there until its time to water our plants.  You would be amazed to see how much water really does just go down the drain when you take a shower!  So once we got the water problem fixed it was the matter of the actual cost of the grass.  Well that was easy, it was about 15 bucks for it all!
So yesterday we worked outside all day, and it was GREAT!  We implemented a lot of the things we have been learning about dirt into our work, it was fun and rewarding!!!

Here are some photos of our day.  Some photos are of the garden progress i took in the morning, and others are of our new grass!
new sprouts

older sprouts ready to be transplanted

Green beans

One more step closer to completion, now we are going to build a lattice for it to climb up.
our 3 dollar purchase before...
and after:)
yes, i know our fire pit is kinda nerdy, but oh well!

Just give it a few weeks and it will be picnic ready!


  1. Thanks for the follow, and I'm loving peeking around your blog. Congrats on your garden! We just started our own as well, and it has been so fun to learn about different seedling varieties and start them in their little pots and then transfer them to the ground. I also noticed you live in MB - such a lovely spot - we're in SLO - don't we just live in the best region for gardening!? There's an Organic Gardening Workshop at Farm Supply SLO tomorrow at 10am!

  2. my husband and i were just having a similar conversation about how much "good" we can get from the ground...

  3. you are ridiculously beautiful. and i can't wait to have a little home and garden someday, too!


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