Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old Photos

So, we had a friend, (actually my hubby's cousin), ask us to dig through and find a few photos for a powerpoint that she was going to be doing in their church for Easter Sunday. 
It was kinda fun to dig through old photos, and it has made me want to post so many from our many fun filled adventures!!! 
I just LOVE how photos can bring smiles and giggles years after they were taken.  They can bring you right back to that special moment that they have captured within the frame.   And that is why i think that taking a gazillion photos rocks, even when your friends and family HATE you for doing so, ha ha!

 But for today i thought i would just post the ones that we gave her for this Sunday. 
They are nothing special, but some of them make me smile:)

Hope your having a great Thursday!!


  1. these pictures are SO stunning!!!

  2. God's handiwork is amazing! And your picture taking is pretty good too!

  3. what the what? these are insane stunning! wowzas!

  4. Awesome photos!! I grew up in Reedley M.B. I think you were like SEVEN last time I remember. Anyway, I go to church now with Jamie, as well as your grandparents, Menno and Jane. I'm on the worship team there and am the one creating the PowerPoint with your amazing pics! Thank you thank you than you!

  5. Awesome pictures! Makes me want Summer to come sooner. But these pictures also make me feel sad because I wish I looked as stunning as that guy in the last picture.

  6. these are INCREDIBLE! print them!

  7. Ashley your 'old' photos make me say Oh. My. Goodness. with a whole bunch of explanation points at the end.
    An Im wondering if any of those have been done in HDR, question mark
    And your Easter photos make me miss your mom. dot dot dot

  8. Wow! I'm sorry I was out of town for that Sunday! These are beautiful!


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