Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A glance at a weekend...

We had a wonderful weekend, filled with yummy food and lots of hard work.
We worked on our garden at my parents house this weekend, and spent some time with the fam!

I managed to snap just a few photos throughout the weekend........

 Some photos of our garden's progress, yea!!!

we added more rows of beans

our corn!

We planted a few rows of potatos this time!

baby butternut squash

baby zuccinni

Boys shall be boys!

We also spent some time at Aaron's moms house too!

Hope you had a great weekend too! 
Now i should get back to studing for my final in three hours:)


  1. wow, your garden is really coming along! Congrats!

  2. wow that looks like one big garden!! i'm hoping sometime in my lifetime i will have enough yard to do that! such lovely photos


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