Monday, June 13, 2011

finally a garden update!

Well, it is harvest time in parts of our garden.
Our little red potatoes are all out of the ground and have been baked, put in soups and stews, and in added to yummy casseroles.
They just taste so much better when you have seen them grow outside your front door!

We still have alot of things going strong, like our zucchini,beans, lettus, and peas, but have now we are starting to plant a new wave of things.

We have not had to buy veggies in quite awhile now, it is sooo fun!!
We have more zucchini than we could ever eat, so it has been fun to give to neighbors and family.

However, if you leave for just two days, beware, when you come home these will be waiting for you!!
We have SO MANY green beans!

 Our grass in grown in, and we finally found a push lawn mower on is really fun:)

And some summertime colorful flowers that make me smile!
Aaron's cool bench
notice the snapdragon that started growing in the wall, so crazy!
so much yummy lettus!
our crazy herb box
we have been harvesting beets too
and have almost harvested all the carrots, so these are the third wave of carrots growing

We have been eating mostly stuff that we have grown ourselves, it has been so rewarding and fun to grow what you eat!!!!


  1. Wow! Your garden is so impressive! Not only are you getting amazing produce but its beautiful! I have produce envy...that's waaaay better than what I've been buying in the store!

  2. i am truly inspired! i am so glad i have your blog to turn to for when i have a place where i can start a garden - i would LOVE to grow my own veggies! so awesome!

  3. by the way - i love your blog so much i just added you to my "inspire" list on my tabs at the top of my blog!

  4. You guys have such a great garden! What beautiful fresh veggies!

  5. I love red potatoes. Such a yummy treat. I've never tried to grow them before, that must taste So good!

  6. ah! so jealous! your garden is fantastic, and there is nothing like fresh from the garden!

  7. Awesome garden - and great pictures too!

  8. what a fun garden and pictures!
    sandy toe


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