Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer has begun!!!

Well our summer has begun! 
The snow has melted enough for for us to get to our home for the summer...the mountains.
We started this year off strong with a little get-a-way to Kings Canyon National Park.
We took a really cool 4wheel drive road that crossed two creeks before we got to what we thought was the perfect spot!

We love driving out far way from the world, so campgrounds really don't work so well for us, ha ha.
We love to let our dogs roam all they want, and there are no people there for them to bother.

The canopy of trees there is high above the ground, and so it is easy to hike without trails because there is not a lot of brush to get in your way, so we just wandered all over exploring to our hearts content.

This is the beginning of our summer love affair with the mountains!
Let the summer begin!

The road to our spot, and one of the creeks you have to pass through.  This makes the spot all the better,
because most people do not go through all the work to get somewhere where the nearest bathroom is 30 min. away, ha ha.  

It is so peaceful being all alone amidst such raw beauty...
This creek was about 20 feet away from our spot, and there were so many neat baby waterfalls:)
And of course lots of campfire fun

my studmuffin:)
our perfect spot!
Aaron set up a slack line that entertained us for HOURS!!

Of course our trip included lots of hiking

And we even took time to do a little fishing

Heres to summer! 


  1. looks amazing! what a perfect start to the summer!
    all that glitters.

  2. Wow! What a great summer trip!

  3. How fun! Were you in National Forest area? And you managed to find a snow flower!!! We didn't see any around the Azalea campsites! Oh, so much fun!!!

  4. i love summer! love these last posts! so much fun in the sun

  5. You guys seriously take the coolest pictures! love the blog so definitely following ;)

  6. these are really neat photos!! looks like you had a blast!!!


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