Monday, June 6, 2011

Part one of our little anniversary getaway

We went camping in the desert!  Yep, doesn't that just sound like such a romantic way to celebrate your five year anniversary?

Well part one of our trip was camping in the desert, BUT part two was relaxing sipping margaritas, poolside in vegas:)

If you know us you know that it is not our style to go on a relaxing vacation, so we had to throw some camping and hiking in there too.  We had so much fun, even thought the night that we camped it was super windy, but it made for TONS of games of speed in our cozy tent!

 i have the coolest husband ever...he got these chacos for me for our anniversary!!
 can you

 coolest place ever, we are going to be coming back here to climb SOON!!

we hiked up this valley

Part one of our trip was a blast, and i will post a few photos from part two shortly:)

Have a great day!


  1. happy anniversary! you guys are to die for!

  2. You guys are so fun! I've been DYING to go camping, but there aren't any cool spots like this close to us.

    Glad you guys had a great anniversary!


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