Saturday, July 9, 2011

25 years old...yikes!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and i wasn't too sure how i felt about it.
Not that i feel old, but i am just not ready to be a grown up!
I feel that i am getting to the age where people ask you what you are doing and expect to hear grown-up answers.  But that is NOT US!
Our response when people ask us that is, "we have been doing alot of playing", yep that's what we say.
We go on "play-dates" just about every day. 
We don't have serious jobs, and we have no clue what we want to do when we "grow up"!
We are content with just being kids who always want to have fun!!
Our goal to to make it through life with this mindset, and we believe we can.
There is a certain amount of responsibility i suppose we will have to gain at some point, but for now, even though i am now 25, i refuse to be a grown-up!

Anyways, i had a great day yesterday.
My best friend/room-mate/sister and I spent the day in the sun.
The best way to spend i day might i add.
We went on a hike, laid out on the beach, had some yummy fries & drinks by the beach and finished it up with dinner and dancing! 
Oh, and i almost forgot, my amazing hubs made me some crepes and even let our huge German shepherd wake me up in bed!!!
(I am always asking to let him join us and our beagle in bed, but due to the fact that he is huge & hairy the answer is always no, but not yesterday!!)

So here are a few snapshots of my super fun day!!

We forgot the camera when we went out to dinner, but i had to get at least a few photos of us both dressed up, (because it doesn't happen too often).
So here we are at 2am, yep we were quite the party animals and stayed out pretty late, ha ha!!

I am now 25, and happy!


  1. Happy Birthday! I turned 25 recently too...think of it as now having a five year window to achieve a few extra special goals!

    I choose another language!

  2. Happy birthday girly!! I love your mindset:) that is what life is all about:) looks like a fantastic day~

  3. happy birthday! i love your blog header- adorable.

  4. ahhh i want to go to the beach right now! happy belated bday



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