Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunny Day

Sunday was a lovely day. 
We woke up late, ate a yummy breakfast, and grabbed our bikes and headed to the beach.
We rode down the trail in the sunshine and finally came to the beach, where we strolled hand in hand up the pier and along the sand.
We rode our bikes back down the trail to where our truck was waiting to take us into town to eat a fantastic lunch with two of our favorite people, Josh & Beth.
Lunch was AMAZING!
 We then walked around downtown stopping to drool over the mac book pro that we so desperately want, and we even got us some frozen treats.

When we got home we played with our neglected dogies and then jumped on our bikes again and headed to the Morro Bay Harbor Festival.  We drank a few beers and enjoyed some live music before heading home to our dogs once again.

We started up the fire pit, grabbed another beer, and threw our hamburgers on the BBQ.  We relaxed and laughed soaking up the remaining rays of sunshine before the sun sunk beneath the horizon. 

Our hamburgers, (although veggie), were amazing and we finished it off with some fresh peach cobbler, really does it get any better??

Anyone who has visited us here in Morro Bay know that during the summer we are blessed with a marine layer that keeps the place surrounded by fog, however, during the fall the sun comes out and the temps rise.

It was so warm all weekend and the sun shined all day, putting a huge smile on our faces, and a little color on our skin!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

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