Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Conquering the Sierra Nevadas- Part One

Two weeks ago Aaron and I, along with two of our friends set off on an adventure.
This adventure was unlike any that i had gone on in the past.
We hiked from one side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the other.
It took us five days and was a total of fifty miles with over seven thousand feet of incline!
I have been on plenty of backpacking trips, but not one for five days. 
I enjoined it very much and am ensured by my hubs that we will do this many more times, trying all possible routes to get across.

I took something like 300 photos, and will spare you all the delirious hiking ones, ha ha.
But i thought it would be best if i broke it up into two posts.
So here is the first half of our trip in photos...

Here we are all fresh and ready to head out over Bishop Pass!  (We went up and over what you see in the background behind us)

So this is Palisade Creek, and we were the first ones to make it across this year!!  The day before 4 rangers attempted to cross, and they sternly informed us that, "they aborted the mission", and that it was a very advanced crossing!  Ha ha, then us four stupid kids did it!!
It may not look that scary, but it is pretty deep, and moving incredibly fast!
Well we made it to the place where we set up camp for the second night!  That day a ranger did make it past the creek right after we crossed, he was out scoping out the trail before it opens soon.  He was impressed that we made it, ha ha.  He told us the rangers told him to keep an eye on the river in case he found us floating, ha ha!!
Our 14 mile day ended wonderfully with chairs and good company!

I will post the photos of the next three days soon, but that's all for now.
Have a great weekend!

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