Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thrift store fun!!

So in my eairlier post i said that my little brother was visiting for the last week, well i convinced him to join me in doing one of my favorite things, THRIFT STORE SHOPPING!!!
And i must say, i found some treasures, here are a few...
i am in love with this drum!  I thought it was a bit pricey, (15 bucks), but i think it was worth it!

I loved this basket too, and it was only 2 dollars

I got the baskets for a project i am working on, i am turning the guest bedroom into a sewing room.  These are going to be the drawers in a shelving thing i am going to build.  (and by me i mean Aaron)!  And the candle holders are soo neat, they are real silver, made in Japan, and have really neat engravings.  And they were $1.95!!!

this set of six place mats were three bucks, and i LOVE them!

And what always happens when i find cool little additions, i get the bug to spruce up the whole house!  So all day today i have been running around the house having fun changing it up.  Here are some of my little projects..

We got this chest at an auction years back, i am in love with it!  And i got the suitcase last week at my favorite thrift store here in Morro Bay!

I am not done, (just started really), i still need to find a cool pot for the plant

I love old books, and every time i find them in a thrift shop i pick them up.  They are usually never more than a dollar or two!  And if anyone can tell me what the black thing is on the right, we have no idea??

I have been really wanting to put more plants in our home, we have had a few, but i wanted more.  So we got a few, added some moss and i put them all over the house!

i have had these three black keys, and have never found a spot for them and i love incense:)

I also took an older, not so cool, magnetic bulletin board and made it a little bit more exciting.  I chose some photos from aaron and i over the years, and added some sweet love notes too!!

Well in case you were wandering why i might have been a bit excessive with the photos in this post...
we have a photo shoot job tomorrow that prompted us to buy some new equipment!  Yea!!!
We got the canon 135L lens and a flash!

I am off to make dinner and probably play with our camera some more!!

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  1. Wow. You found some GREAT stuff. I want to go to your thrift store. Ours are craptastic around here.


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