Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love on the Beach

Aaron and I took our doggies and spent the first part of the week camping
 on hwy 1 in  Southern Big Sur. 
 We had so much fun, and took WAY too many photos to post! 

I will post some of the photos from our trip a little bit later, and tell you all about our crazy adventures, but for now i will just leave you will a sequence of shots on the beach. 
 We have a remote controlled trigger, so once the camera is on a tri-pod, the rest is history!  Even the dogs were getting excited and having a good time!!

Hope you all are having a great day!


  1. oh my gosh, i love these. you guys are TOO cute.

  2. i love the beach - and you guys are way too good looking. FUN.

  3. sooooo cute. i always love your pictures!!
    we are coming to pismo this weekend! we will be so close. are you guys in town? we should do coffee or something! :)

  4. these are so great. you guys are the cutest couple ever.

  5. i am SO JEALOUS of your beach time. :)

  6. You made my day sunnier :)
    Oh, aaaand....

  7. looks so fun!!!! i like the timer idea!! :)

  8. you two are SO cute together!! it's like right outta a lovey dovey movie. i can feel the love and happiness ;)

  9. These shots are insane, love em!! And big sur, fab!!


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