Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Ok...i have totally been slacking on posting, however, i do have an excuse!
We were first out of town most of last week, then i had to work hard to make up for that, and then we were out of town all weekend! 

We had a wonderful weekend though,  we Planted a rad garden at my parents house, ate pizza for just about every meal, and then we took "newlywed photos" for my brother and sister-in-laws!!!

It may be a bit obnoxious, but i might be posting a few post today of what has been going on these last few days, oh well! 
Soooo, here are some of the photos that i have spent most of the last two days working on.
We had so much fun taking them, they are such a great couple:)

OK...for all of my amazing photographer followers out there, any feedback or advice would be awesome!
We are just starting to turn this hobby into a little business and we could use all the advice we can get!
So thanks a billion for just stopping by a checking these out:)
Hope you have a wonderful day!!


  1. you leave the sweetest comments, thank you so much!! i LOVE these pictures. i so wish we lived in cali, youd be our first choice photographer. i love the shots with the couch, was that just randomly there?

  2. they are ALL absolutely beautiful! you, darling, are extremely talented.

  3. Cah-yooote! Love the photos!

  4. i gotta say my fav shots are the ones in the green gardeny area peeking through the leaves. beautifully done. i am wondering a couple things -

    1) are you shooting on a fixed lens for all of these (or some?)
    2) do you shoot in manual or auto?
    3) try experimenting with natural light... i am seeing a lot of editing in these photos. i love the style/lighting/colors, but natural is also nice.

    absolutely LOVE that last shot - great negative space. fun props. well done

  5. The one with the sunset rays shining through Andrew and Ang, it's almost like their kiss is making that! What a cool effect!

  6. I also love the one, near the top, of Angie looking at the camera with Andrew resting his chin on her head, looking down at her. It's like your camera "caught" them in an intimate moment. It's focus is clear (Angie), framed well, the lighting is superb, with little "extra" to take away from the two of them (nice and close up). Sometimes less is more when telling a love story in a picture! Fantastic job, once again!


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